At we have designed a Car Finance Calculator to give you an estimate of what you monthly payments could be, so before you make an application for Car Finance you can be comfortable that you can afford the monthly payments.

All you have to do is select the amount you would like to borrow with options between £3,000 and £50,000 and the term you would like to repay the loan over with the options as low as 24 months and up to 60 months and then select the credit profile that you feel best suits you credit history from Good, Fair and Poor.

You will then be given an estimated monthly payment, you can then change any of the terms until you find your perfect overall deal and a payment you are happy with.

The payments this calculator gives are an estimate and in many cases we can get a better deal but it could also be worse, the tool is designed to help you get a fairly accurate idea before making an application so we hope you find it helpful, once we receive you application and we have an approval from a lender on our panel a full personalised quotation can be provided for you and you have no obligation to proceed if the deal is not affordable.

Robert Cosgrove wrote this about us …


From the start this company was so helpful and understanding. Went out of the way to explain the procedure of finding the right car and without the hassle off pushy saleman. I asked for a list of dealers they have used in the past and I found the car I wanted. The whole processs was quick , hassle free, helpful, couldn’t find a single fault, highly recommended!

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