Your most frequently asked questions

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Once I apply for car finance, how long does it take you to make decision?

We aim to get a decision within 1 hour Monday to Friday 9am/6pm, at weekends it could take a little longer.

How do I make my monthly payment?

You need to pay by direct debit.

If I have got a less than perfect credit history, is it worth applying?

It is as we have many lenders on our panel that will look at customers with a less than perfect credit history, we currently accept over 60% of all applications.

Can you help the self-employed with car finance?

Yes, we help lots of self-employed customers get car finance, even those with poor credit.

Are any fees payable to you?

No we never charge any fees to arrange your car loan, our service is free of charge.

What vehicles can you fund?

We currently have lenders on our panel which will finance vehicles up to 12 years of age, with up to 120,000 miles, and we currently finance both cars and vans.

What is the longest period I can take car finance over?

You can pay for your new vehicle over any period between 24 and 60 months.

Will I need a deposit?

Most of our lenders do not need a deposit, infact over 95% of all approved applications qualify for a Nil deposit.

How much can I finance?

This will depend on the lender that accepts you and also your income, but we can arrange finance from £3,000 to a maximum of £50,000.

Will I be credit checked when I apply for car finance?

Yes we will need to credit check you to assess your profile in order to make a decision but we do have many lenders on our panel that help customers who have had problems in the past.

Robert Cosgrove wrote this about us …


From the start this company was so helpful and understanding. Went out of the way to explain the procedure of finding the right car and without the hassle off pushy saleman. I asked for a list of dealers they have used in the past and I found the car I wanted. The whole processs was quick , hassle free, helpful, couldn’t find a single fault, highly recommended!

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